About Us

WMT originated as a leisure hobby for event planning that Marie indulged her daughter and family with. In her early years, she illustrated her passion for planning events at home to honor her family’s milestones, achievements, birthdays, graduations and promotions, and the likes. Marie would host the festivities at any event venue that was available to her. She allowed her creativity to flow by getting inspiration from the setting around her and the people she wanted to celebrate.

After years of practicing the art of event planning, Marie had the revelation that she should not only limit her expertise and experience to her family. Her family and friends heavily encouraged her to share her gift with the world. She wanted to contribute her vision for special events and occasions with the community around her. She wanted to see the joy on other people’s faces, just like she would see on her beloved daughter and husband’s face.

WMT upholds the motto “We bring your idea to life”.

Who We Are

Marie is the founder and owner of WMT events, an event planning business. She is a personable and sociable character and friendly with a big heart. Marie has devotion and love for her family, husband, daughter and parents.

WMT Events was established in honor of Wissam and Tracy Farhat, the husband and daughter of Marie Farhat. At her golden age, they were Marie’s inspiration and the source of her motivation to create WMT Events. WMT serves as an event planning company located in the Emirates that maintains family values and high ethics.

WMT Events tackles an endless list of everyday celebration planning and organizing from weddings, engagements, gender reveals, birthdays, graduations, holiday parties, and any other desire that one might want to celebrate. The list is endless. As event planners and event organizers in the Emirates, they will execute all the ideas for your events to life.