Graduations are a significant milestone in the lives of students and their families. WMT Events plans graduation events for all academic graduations.

  1. Graduation Party Planning Services: Offer graduation party planning services, including venue selection, theme creation, decor, food and beverage, and entertainment.
  2. Graduation Catering Services: Provide catering services for graduation parties, including menu planning, food and beverage selection, and waitstaff.
  3. Graduation Photography and Videography: Offer graduation photography and videography services, including capturing the moment of graduation and editing the photos and videos.
  4. Graduation Flowers and Decorations: Provide graduation flowers and decorations, including customized floral arrangements, balloons, and other decorative items.
  5. Graduation DJ and Entertainment Services: Offer graduation DJ and entertainment services, including live music, DJs, and other activities to keep guests engaged and entertained.